Ethics & Expenses

My expenses for 2010 have been audited and certified by Mazars, the auditors. I operate under the vouched expenses system. My compliance with requirements under this scheme has now been certified by Mazars. The two letters associated with this audit can be accessed here and here, and the breakdown of expenses can be accessed here.

Details of my travel expenses as Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport for 2011 can be accessed here, for 2012 can be accessed here, and for 2013 can be accessed here. Specific forms showing the vouched expenses limit can be accessed here and here.

Please find from this link, my entry to the Register of Interests for members of the Dáil for 2007. The full register for 2007 is available here. For 2008, my entry is included in the overall Register of Members Interests which can be accessed here (the quickest way to find mine is to scroll straight to the last page).

My expenses for 2009 can be accessed by following this link here, while a breakdown of expenses claimed in 2008 can be found here. This details all the expenses claimed and costs incurred by me over the course of the two years.

In relation to Committee Travel, as a member of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Enterprise, Trade and Employment, I was a member of two delegations which incurred travel costs. In 2008 I was part of a delegation to Egypt, and in 2009 a delegation to Belfast and Dundalk. The respective cost of my participation on both trips was €1,339.15 and €290.89. Further details are available for 2008 here and 2009 here.