Varadkar confirms €2.2M to bring vacant housing back into use in Fingal


Dublin West TD and Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar has confirmed that the Government is investing €2.2 million for extra housing units in Fingal.

“This €2.2 million is a significant investment in housing in Fingal. It shows the Government’s determination to ensure that everyone has a roof over their heads, and means that 143 vacant properties can be refurbished and brought back into use as vital social housing.

“Much of this funding has been allocated under a new programme to restore social housing that started this year, as one of the key planks of the Government’s housing strategy.

“Other measures are also coming on stream nationally. The Housing Agency has been awarded €70 million to purchase social housing, while local authorities can also restore vacant properties under a new Repair and Leasing Initiative. And a new Buy and Renew initiative will help Local Authorities and approved housing bodies to buy and upgrade private housing.

“There’s no doubt that housing is one of the biggest crises afflicting Ireland, but it’s one that the Government is determined to tackle. And the Rebuilding Ireland strategy is starting to make serious inroads.”

Date: 25. 10. 2016