Varadkar announces higher Rent Supplement limits in Fingal to help with rising rents


Rent Supplement & Housing Assistance Payment to increase in Fingal

Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar has confirmed that Cabinet has agreed to increase rent limits under the Rent Supplement and Housing Assistance Payment schemes.

The new limits mean that people who cannot afford the full cost of private rented accommodation will receive greater assistance from the State from this Friday, July 1st.

In Fingal, the limits will increase by between 26.3% and 33.3% across the seven categories, as follows:

County Category 2007 Rent Limits Proposed 2016 Limits Variance Percentage Increase
Dublin – Fingal Single Shared                                     300                                               400 100 33.3%
Dublin – Fingal Couple Shared                                     350                                               440 90 25.7%
Dublin – Fingal Single                                     520                                               660 140 26.9%
Dublin – Fingal Couple                                     700                                               900 200 28.6%
Dublin – Fingal Couple/One Parent Kamily – 1 Child                                     850                                            1,150 300 35.3%
Dublin – Fingal Couple/One Parent Kamily – 2 Children                                     900                                            1,175 275 30.6%
Dublin – Fingal Couple/One Parent Kamily – 3 Children                                     950                                            1,200 250 26.3%

Speaking following Cabinet, Minister Varadkar said: “These new rent limits reflect the fact that rents are rising and are back to their peak levels in some cases. Through a combination of increased rent limits, and the ongoing flexibility and discretionary increases provided by my Department’s Community Welfare Service staff, we will provide more stability for tenants and reduce the danger of families becoming homeless when their rent is increased.

“This Government wants to ensure that our recovering economy works for everyone. We aim to achieve that by promoting an enterprise economy, making work pay, investing in public services, ensuring opportunity and a fair go for everyone. We must ensure that we have a strong safety net so that everyone has a roof over their head. In many cases, Rent Supplement or Housing Assistance Payment is that safety net.”

What’s more, anyone who has entered an informal top-up arrangement with their landlord is advised to contact their Community Welfare Service for assistance, as the Department of Social Protection will regularise these top-ups in most cases.

These measures fulfil the Programme for a Partnership Government commitment to increase limits in line with geographic variations in market rents, and to extend the availability of the Housing Assistance Payment.
In recognition of the continued shortage of supply in the rental market, discretion will continue to be available under the Rent Supplement scheme. Advice and advocacy will also continue to be available under the Tenancy Protection Service operated by Threshold which is now operational in Dublin.

The Government will continue to monitor the measures in place to ensure that the appropriate supports continue to be provided to tenants into the future.

Date: 29. 6. 2016