Porterstown Level Crossing

Councillors in Fingal are currently considering a proposal to close the level crossing at Porterstown and provide a pedestrian bridge over the railway.

Irish Rail has informed Minister Varadkar that they have recorded 21 incidents of pedestrians jumping over this level crossing and of cars hitting it trying to get through before the gates come down, in the last year alone. They now consider it to be the 59th most dangerous of 1,000 crossings in Ireland.

Minister Varadkar said: “Councillors have an important decision to make when it comes to the level crossing and proposed pedestrian bridge in Porterstown. I will respect whatever decision they make. That’s what local democracy is all about. However, the numbers provided by Irish Rail are alarming. With trains becoming more frequent and the schools in the area growing to full size, there will be more and more incidents of this nature. Councillors should think long and hard about the consequences of their vote, and the need to ensure the safety of those using the crossing at all times.”

Date: 4. 2. 2014