Varadkar confirms €30,000 for electronic speed signs in Mulhuddart & Lucan

electronic speed sign

Local TD and Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Leo Varadkar has confirmed grants totalling €30,000 for electronic speed control measures at two safety blackspots in Mulhuddart and Lucan.

Two road grants of €15,000 each have been allocated under the Low Cost Safety Improvement scheme. Electronic speed readers which show the speed of approaching vehicles will be installed at Church Road in Mulhuddart Village and at the entrance to St Catherine’s Park near Lucan.

These are not speed cameras so fines and penalty points will not be issued. However, these signs have proved very effective in slowing down traffic by displaying vehicle speeds.

“Church Road in Mulhuddart is a busy road which links Blanchardstown to Hollystown, and which also passes by Damastown and Tyrrelstown. Although it is heavily used by local residents and vulnerable road users, Church Road also has a lot of through traffic.

“Gardaí regularly conduct speed checks on Church Road, but speeding traffic remains a problem and a safety concern. There is one particularly dangerous spot at a narrow bend near the local cemetery, where vehicles which are travelling too fast tend to drift to the other side of the road.

“This new grant will install an electronic speed reader at the bend to show vehicles how fast they are travelling. Speed readers are very effective in slowing down traffic. New road markings will also be provided.

“The second grant is for an electronic speed reader at the entrance to St Catherine’s Park near Lucan, which lies on a bad bend with poor visibility. This scheme will provide solar powered speed readers on both approaches to the junction along with improved signage and road markings. The local authority is also planning to reduce the speed limit to 50kmh.”

Date: 17. 1. 2014