€670,000 funding increase for local Fingal roads this year – Varadkar

road improvement

€4.5M total funding for repair and strengthening in 2014

Local roads in Fingal are getting a funding boost for essential repairs after Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Leo Varadkar announced that repair grants from his Department would rise by €670,000 this year to €4.5 million.

Fingal is getting a 17% increase in its grant for repair and strengthening of existing local and regional roads. This is because the Department is allocating funding according to the total length of roadway in each local authority‘s area, for the first time. Minister Varadkar said this is a much fairer way of calculating road grants.

“The amount of roadway in Fingal has shot up in recent years because there has been so much new development. However, funding from central government hasn’t kept up with this development because of the way allocations are calculated,” he said.

“This year for the first time, funding for local and regional roads is based on the actual length of roadway. It’s a much fairer form of funding and means that counties like Fingal, which have seen so much growth, are finally getting their fair share.

“Resources are still tight and this funding won’t solve every problem on the roads, but it will make a big difference. I hope it will also encourage Fingal County Council to speed up the taking-in-charge process, where the council takes over responsibility for individual roads, because the more roadway it has, the more funding it is eligible for.”

Date: 24. 1. 2014