Minister Varadkar appointed director of elections for FG Children’s Referendum campaign

Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport and local TD Leo Varadkar has been appointed Director of Elections for the Fine Gael campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Children’s Referendum.


Speaking after his appointment, Minister Varadkar said: ‘This is an important referendum for Ireland’s children. They will be made visible in our constitution for the first time. It will help to protect children and families’.


Minister Varadkar will be working alongside Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald in the campaign.


He added: ‘This referendum will help to protect children from harm, especially those most at risk. It will also bring important reforms to the adoption process, and ensure that all children are treated equally under the law, giving abandoned children a second chance of a family life. It’s a privilege to be asked to direct the Fine Gael Party’s campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote’.


“I would like thank the Minister for Children, Frances Fitzgerald for all her hard work and dedication over the last 18 months. This Government promised to address this matter. Now we all have a chance to help ensure that in the future, the State will not fail children in the way it did in the past.”


Date: 21. 9. 2012